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All Ye Faithful Movie Mp4 Download

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All Ye Faithful movie mp4 download

O come, all ye faithful(O come, all ye faithful, O come, all ye faithful)Joyful and triumphant(O come, all ye faithful to Bethlehem)Come and behold Him(O come, all ye faithful, O come, all ye faithful)Born the King of Angels

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They've got their earphones in, listening to Spotify, and they're Facebook chatting on one side, they're texting on the other side. And right in the middle of the screen is their homework that they're completing that they may have downloaded from an online educational platform. But there's literally simulation and information coming at them from all sides. And this is new in human history.

So all of these things let me-- I wrote about all of these things in a paper called Full Week Faith, and it's available online free to download. You can read more information about it. And there's also a study guide that goes along with it as well. I wrote it in a way that religious professionals could take this document and share it with laypeople, because we all know these common issues.

So in the first century, the disciples really knew what their job was. It was to form, inform, and transform souls for god. And that was their sole purpose. That was their core purpose. So in this day and age of overstimulation, we also need to have a super clear understanding of what our core purpose is. So this mash up includes family ministry, mission-driven church, and a faithful leveraging of technology and social media that will help magnify our ministry.

KAREN BELLAVANCE-GRACE: The mashup pieces? Yeah. So family ministry, and mission-driven church, must like the first century mission-driven church, and the faithful leveraging of technology and social media. And these are not-- what's interesting about these-- these are not new ideas. It's just, I think, maybe the mashup is different and putting a Unitarian Universalist lens on it is a little bit different, or what might be new and inviting for us now.

There's a church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that is doing a Families First Night. So the first Wednesday of the month, I think it is, families show up at quarter of five with their kids. They share pizza together, or the kids have pizza. They go downstairs. They watch a movie. They spend time with the religious educator.

It might mean an intergenerational mentoring relationship, like if some retirees in your community got on Skype once a month with some new parents, and they share tips about raising moral kids or raising kids in Unitarian Universalism, for parents who are new to our faith. It might mean that one night a month, a minister or religious educator meets a group of young adults at the local pub to talk about what it's like to live their lives as faithful people in the world of work or in their graduate school settings. So it's just finding ways that we can connect with our people where they are and on their timelines.

It also means using social media to deliver content. So if a child can't be in Sunday school on Sunday morning, they know, the parents know that that tapestry of faith lesson is going to be linked on the Facebook page of the church on Monday, so they can download it and their kid will not miss any part of what happened in that classroom community.

So these cards, I should mention, that are pictured here, these are on the Full Week Faith website as well. I created a series of 12 activities that lean our churches into a Full Week Faith approach to faith formation ministry. And they're downloadable on my website, that you'll get the URL for, so you can share them in your congregation as well, if you'd like.

So what we will need to make these change is resources. Did I miss-- yeah, one of the slides seems to be missing. Oh, well. So we'll need resources. So there are resources out there, and that is the good news. There are these Full Week Faith cards that you can download and use. But there are also great family ministry resources, like the Family Pages that come in the middle of your UU World magazines. Those are great.

And in fact, there is a term of art, experilearn, by which we mean we're going to faithfully engage in trying something new. And there's no way we can fail, because whatever the outcome, we're going to learn from it and let those learnings shape the next experiments that we're going to try. So sharing that understanding and having a group of allies in your congregation who will back you up on that is something else that we will need. And of course, good solid metrics to assess the impact we hope these shifts will have, and how will we tell whether they're doing the things we want them to do and having the impact we want them to have.

JESSICA YORK: He says, about downloading lesson plans and work from Tapestry of Faith if they miss a Sunday morning. Any tips for people who mention this is what their weekday teachers want them to do? And they admit that they also don't do it in that setting.

KAREN BELLAVANCE-GRACE: Right. So this is where the curation piece comes in, because I've heard this also from religious educators, is that our Tapestry of Faith curricula are so well written and so thoroughly researched and so pristinely edited, and that takes a lot of pages. So I know I've heard from religious educators too, who have teachers that get overwhelmed when they see that it's 30 something pages to download. So that's where the religious educator can be a curator and just take out the text of the story to share with your parents of kids who can't be there on Sunday morning, along with two or three questions for reflection together, instead of downloading the whole lesson plan.

There's the Full Week Faith page. It's on a Weebly website, which is a free website building tool. So the entire document is there. You can download it or you can read it online. You can read it by chapters or share chapters with your RE committee. There's also a discussion guide that my colleagues, Pat Infante and Mark Bernstein created to engage your lay leadership around, and the activity cards are there as well.

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