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Wanna Have A Good Time Web Series Download

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Wanna Have A Good Time Web Series Download

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The purpose of this assignment is to apply your knowledge of sinusoids in numpy to create a musical note sequence synthesizer with a very unique timbre based on something called a Risset beat, as invented by the French composer Jean-Claude Risset. A Risset beat is a series of beat frequencies that all line up at the same time to make a pitch that stands out. The background below describes the math in more detail. By the end of this assignment, you will be able to write down a function that's just a sum of sines and cosines which plays an entire tune, which repeats itself infinitely! (Though we will only sample one repetition of it)Click here to download the starter code for this assignment, which also includes some tunes in .txt files that you can use to test your code. You will be editing the file and running methods from this file in jupyter so you can listen to audio.

  • When you are finished, please submit your python file to canvas, as well as an audio file for your musical statement and the txt file with the notes that make it up. Please also submit answers to the following questions on CanvasA title for your musical statement

  • If you want to submit your musical statement to the music contest, and if so, what name or pseudonym you would like to use in the musical gallery on our class web site

  • Approximately how many hours it took you to finish this assignment (I will not judge you for this at all...I am simply using it to gauge if the assignments are too easy or hard)

  • Your overall impression of the assignment. Did you love it, hate it, or were you neutral? One word answers are fine, but if you have any suggestions for the future let me know.

  • Any other concerns that you have. For instance, if you have a bug that you were unable to solve but you made progress, write that here. The more you articulate the problem the more partial credit you will receive (fine to leave this blank)

BackgroundAs we saw in our class exercise, it is possible to control where the peaks of beat frequencies occur by shifting their component cosines in time. We can also make sure a beat occurs only once over an interval of time by choosing the right beat frequency. For example, let's say that we have 5 seconds of audio (called tune_length in the code), and we want to make a beat with a 330hz frequency that occurs at halfway through at 2.5 seconds. For it to occur only once, we'll want the period T of the beat to be 5 seconds, which means the beat frequency f should be 0.2hz (recall that f = 1/T). So choosing 329.8hz or 330.2 hz would be an appropriate choice. A function that makes this happens is this

Your task in this assignment will be to create a program that takes a list of notes and their onset times, and to create a Risset beat for that note at each time. The note should only occur once at its specified time, so you will have to carefully tune the beat frequency to ensure this based on the specified length of the tune. You will also have to change its phase to control when its onset occurs.

Some example tunes have been provided for you as .txt files. Each line in the text file contains a note number, followed by a space, followed by the duration of the note in sixteenth note intervals (e.g. a quarter note concert A would be 0 4). For example, the file Tunes/birthday.txt contains the followingThere is a helper method load_tune in to load these text files and convert the onset times into times in seconds. load_tune takes two parameters: a path to the filename holding the tune, and the length of the tune in seconds. The method returns two parallel arrays, ps and times, which contain the note numbers and onset times in seconds of each note, respectively. To loop through each pair of note and onset time together, you can use zip

Thanks to the wonders of python and numpy, you will not have to write much code to accomplish these tasks, but you will have to think carefully about the code that you do write. A good place to start would be to see if you can replicate the examples of single notes in the background, and then figure out how to extend that in a loop. Use your ears to help you as you're debugging. I have tried to provide as many examples as I can so you can check as you're incrementally developing.

Implement the above ideas to speed things up in the method do_risset_fast. Don't forget that you still need to add in all of the frequencies for each note to make a beat! It's just that each one of these frequencies will be repeated each time you repeat the note, so you'll save by only having to have a sine and a cosine for each one.

We dont know why this app has such high reviews we love Steven universe and the other games in this series are great! But this one is just SO bad! If it werent steven universe we wouldve given up a while ago. Im about half way through the game and only had a proper place to heal all our team members TWICE and those spots only let you heal once.. You cant go back to earlier levels without completely closing out of the game due to poor menuing. Theres so many high level enemies and the gems are super super weak and all the moves take a crazy amount of points to do anything. You only get 5 points and it takes at least 2 to do anything aside from a very weak pearl attack and then the good attacks barely scratch the enemies. The timing is completely unforgiving. If we miss a defend we lose literally half our HP on a character and like we said before good luck healing anywhere. They probably didnt have good funding for the game we dont understand why the reviews are so glowing..

Our game seems to be bugged. When we warp into a new place the second equipment slot becomes undone. Sometimes we cant even reequip the item that was there. Also on the 4th world 4th level we picked up the key but it wont trigger for the door when we press the lock. We have tried deleting the game and just trying to start over but we cant seem to do that either. Please address this bug. We would like to finish the game but its all bugged out now and we cant.

And that growing grant isn't always one-to-one, and then you have to make investments in the short term to read benefits it on a compounding brand growth strategy. So Sharon, uh, our director of content totally understands that here's the pipeline target. Her KPIs are, are hard and soft, but a lot of like let's grow web traffic, you've show that brand is growing, organic MQLs are coming to our site and requesting demos or downloading content. Uh, and she is bought into that, that like, it's great to create content that's engaging, but if it sits on a shelf and collects dust, it's not gonna be as impactful as you might hope. Similarly, you know, I am quantitatively based in my decisions, but I also understand that it's important to sometimes create mid-funnel engaging content that helps our pipeline velocity as things stopped.

Um, I'm, uh, I'm coming from a performance background as well. And the day that, I can, I can remember it vividly, but before I worked here, I worked for a company called Campaign Monitor, which is an email marketing, um, technology. And I had the most brilliant boss in the world. He was an ex VP of marketing from Red Bull. So obviously understood brand and the perception of brand far better than I ever could have understood at the time. And he was just constantly pushing these brand campaigns to me.

And I was like, look, I just can't. I just can't validate that much of my budget towards something that's not direct response. Like these are my metrics, like overall I have to get so many MQLs. At the time that was our north star, which is another story we can go on a different rant later about MQL.

And that's just one channel, to $250 a month within six months. And it empowered our inbound engine to scale, uh, in parallel and our AEs, our inbound folks. So that was great. And at the time it was like, oh yeah, let's go. You know, we have great top of funnel, we're driving pipeline. But here's the kicker, the payload pipeline isn't always the highest converting. And it's certainly not the highest renewing, but in time, uh, those folks did not necessarily renew at the same rate as, as other, uh, customers did. Similarly, what if we took 50K out of that 250K that we were spending a month and spent it on brand.

It's not gonna compound over time. So paid spend to me is a really helpful lever to drive. And we lean on that here at ChartHop for sure. But we take plenty of brand swings and we make sure to balance it. And we absolutely budget for both of them, uh, as we try to figure out how much we wanna spend and where.


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