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YouTube entered into a marketing and advertising partnership with NBC in June 2006.[491] In March 2007, it struck a deal with BBC for three channels with BBC content, one for news and two for entertainment.[492] In November 2008, YouTube reached an agreement with MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, and CBS, allowing the companies to post full-length films and television episodes on the site, accompanied by advertisements in a section for U.S. viewers called "Shows". The move was intended to create competition with websites such as Hulu, which features material from NBC, Fox, and Disney.[493][494] In November 2009, YouTube launched a version of "Shows" available to UK viewers, offering around 4,000 full-length shows from more than 60 partners.[495] In January 2010, YouTube introduced an online film rentals service,[496] which is only available to users in the United States, Canada, and the UK as of 2010.[497][498][needs update] The service offers over 6,000 films.[499]

FairUse Wizard 2.9 Full Version ( extra codecs)



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