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Aslan Korolev
Aslan Korolev

Rational Rose Enterprise Edition v 7.0: A Visual Modeling Tool for Software Engineering

  • Consulting Projects Technical feasibility analysis of a shop floor real time operator work instruction system for Black and Decker at Easton

  • Cell formation analysis for Ward Machinery (in-house software)

  • Muni bus assembly line simulation for AAI (ARENA)

  • Cell formation and layout for Dixon Valve & Coupling (in-house software and MS Excel)

  • Research Projects ScheduleThis! - a Web-based Scheduling Service Portal Supervised the development of a web-based scheduling service portal. This system provides a scalable infrastructure that enables additions of scheduling algorithms without changing the underlying Java programs. Using IBM VisualAge for Java, JSPs, Servlets, IBM DB2, and Apache Tomcat web server Innovation-Alert Services for Managing Product Evolution Supervised the development of Java programs to extract information from the Internet. The task includes the development of web pages and information description language.

  • Supervising and Developing web-based innovation-alert services Using IBM VisualAge for Java, JSPs, Servlets, IBM DB2, and Apache Tomcat web server Object Modeling of Dynamic Web-Based Enterprise Systems The goal of this project is to develop SCOR based simulation constructs of extended enterprises for planning and control in supply chain. Various planning SCOR process elements are realized in MS EXCEL and execution process elements are being implemented in ARENA. The system can be used to evaluate supply chain alternatives so that relevant system performances are optimized and to determine equitable methods of allocating value along the chain. Developing a SCOR-based supply chain training model in MS EXCEL

Advising the development of a simulation-based supply chain inventory system to evaluate various operational policies subject to dynamic market price change Intelligent Process Planner and Scheduler (IPPS)

Rational Rose Enterprise Edition v 7.0


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