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Kung Fu Kid In Tamil Pdf Download !NEW!

MR. PING A teacher? Teaching kung fu? That's a promotion! Take the job, son, and someday, when you're in charge of the whole Jade Palace, I can sell noodles in the lobby! [chuckles, then pauses] Why are you still here taking a bath like a baby? Get out. Get out. Go, go, go! Franchise expansion awaits us.

Kung Fu Kid in tamil pdf download

PO Feeling the burn. Do you have panda asthma too? Does that run in the family? [Po and Li reach the top and continue to pant.] Dad, you're gonna love this. It's like the coolest thing ever. [drags Li and pushes open the door] This is the Hall of Heroes. Home of the most priceless kung fu artifacts in all of China!

PO I'm gonna do something I never thought I'd be able to do. I'm gonna teach kung fu. [The scene cuts to Po watching different groups of villagers train for different battle skills.] You guys. Your real strength comes from being the best you - you can be. So who are you? What are you good at? What do you love? What makes you - you? [to hacky sack kids] Yes, good. Good, again. [to rolling kids] Good, again. [to Panda Villager #2] Good, good, good. Again!

OOGWAY On the first day we met, I saw the future of kung fu. [flashes back to Oogway choosing Po as the Dragon Warrior] And the past. [flashes back to ancient panda chi masters] I saw the panda who could unite them both. That is why I chose you, Po. Both sides of the Yin and Yang. And my true successor. [hands Po a yin-yang staff]


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