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DIY Wood Pallet Projects : 35 Rustic Modern Upc...

Last year I created our farmhouse style dining table, rustic plant stand, lace curtains from table runners, and painted vase from this series and they turned out to be some of my favorite projects to date!

DIY wood pallet projects : 35 rustic modern upc...


I love the mix of modern with rustic and thought this would be a fun way to incorporate some more metallics into our bedroom, which would match our curtain rod and pipe drawer pulls on our dresser and nightstands.

Afterward, the 2 pieces of wood were sanded down and then stained with Golden Oak. I LOVE how rich the color turned out! Originally I was just going to do a light sanding to get rid of any splinters, but I love how refined and rustic the stain turned out.

Thanks Brynne! I love me some salvaged wood, but honestly had no idea the wood would look so rich and beautiful with that stain added on there, which then helps the gold and copper pop off even more. It definitely seems to blend the modern and rustic together in a combo that I love ?

Make your living fabulously trendy and amazingly adorable through the DIY wood upcycles pallet projects. These wonderful DIY woof upcycled pallet projects are ample to potentiate appeal of your living. No matter, either your living is small or huge, you can still manage to have this impressive DY wood upcycles pallet projects in your home. They seem to have enormous benefits as well. These are cheaper as compared to any other home decor ideas. These DIY wood upcycled pallet projects maintain the elegance of your home for longer. Let's have a glance at the most brilliant DIY wood upcycled pallet projects. Beautiful Pallet Storage Cabinet IdeasPallet storage cabinets can be sole ones or attached to other pallet furniture. The separate pallet storage cabinets need to be huge in appearance. The massive storage space of these pallet storage cabinets is ideal. You can have wheels attached on the bottom portion of it. It let you shift the pallet storage cabinets to the room of your desire. Polishing of the pallet storage cabinets grants a glamorous and shiny appeal to it. For storing products of different types, it is better to have pallet shelves in the pallet storage cabinets. Marvellous Wood Upcycled Pallet ProjectsDIY wood upcycled pallet projects leave no stone unturned to embellish your home. One of the most fascinating DIY wood upcycled pallet projects includes pallet roundtable. Grant stylish appeal to it by making adorable slots in it. The pallet roundtable can have slots for keeping mug, tray etc. It is a perfect pallet furniture for outdoors as well. The best feature of this pallet furniture is its firm nature. The bottom portion of the pallet roundtable can be crafted in such a way that it can carry the wine bottles in it. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Splendid Pallet Pet Furniture IdeasThe issue associated with the pallet furniture is the termite attack. Avoiding such issue is a piece of cake. Consider polishing or painting the pallet furniture as it would perfectly address the issue of termite attack. Pallet pet furniture is the symbol of kind-heartedness and love towards your pets. Pallet pet furniture includes the most elegant pallet pet house, pallet pet bed, pallet play area etc. The pallet pet furniture makes the pet feel immensely pleasured and secure. Adorn it with colourful pallet woods and paint decor as well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Trendy Pallet Wall ArtPallet wall art is being considered by the majority of people. It is the charm and elegance of the pallet wall art which makes it desirable. Craft the pallet wood into an adorable heart. Embellish it with the lightning of multi-colours and attach it to the wall. On the pallet wood board, attach the pallet glowing fish in your desired colour. Pallet glowing art provides you with a huge range of selection. You can consider having shark, dolphin, mermaid, lion, wolf, mountain, sunset, sea etc on the pallet glowing wood. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Elegant Pallet Deer Art DecorPallet projects include pallet outdoor bar, pallet furniture shelf, pallet deer art decor etc. Pallet deer art decor can be framed and placed at the wall of your home. It is quite appealing and fascinating. Home decor demands unique paintings or decoring items. For this, pallet projects prove to be amazing ones. It is the reliability of the pallet projects. Pallet outdoor bar summarizes all the wine bottles which create a mess in the home. Pallet furniture es shelf can be used for decor purpose as well as to keep the essential home items on it such as a helmet, laptop, school bag etc. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Stunning Pallet Glowing Decor IdeasThe popularity of pallet glowing decor is immensely enhancing day by day. This pallet furniture shine in dark. Their glow not only attracts children towards it but fascinates adults as well. There must be at least one room in your home that should have this eye-catching home decor. Craft different types of pallet emoji or faces with the help of pallet wood. Now convert it into pallet glowing wood. Stack the pallet wood glowing face boxes one above the other in a pyramid or random fashion. Relish this super fabulous pallet art! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Jan 12, 2019 Pallet Furnalia Pallet Pallet Furniture Pallet Projects Pallet Furnalia @palletfurnalia

Floor and Decor offers a wide selection of modern, classic, and rustic tile designs. Choose from polished porcelain, bohemian black, sahara sand, and many more. We offer wood look, marble look, stone look, cement look, pattern look, slate look, brick look, metallic look, and fabric look. Any look for any purpose! Discover a beautiful tile design perfect for your home.

This is an extra Christmas tree (because Mommy wanted to decorate her own) and is styled in neutral rustic with a little bit of modern farmhouse and boho. Because they are in a similar color family, it all works together.

I am showing you today how to make a rustic pallet Christmas tree in two different sizes. DIY Pallet Christmas trees have been around for awhile and look so chic and festive for Christmas. Put one on your front porch as a backdrop, or a pair of them in your front yard like were planning. These two pallet Christmas trees will be our front yard decor, surrounded by white branch light trees. Anyway you choose to use them they are so handy to have, easy on the wallet, and simple to make.

It depends on what kind of pallet you use, and how good the wood is, cracks, missing pieces etc. You will need 2-3 pallets to make both trees. We saved every piece of wood, and used the smaller cracked pallet strips for the top of the tree, and the full size better pallet strips for the wide bottom.

For the finish on the tall tree our pallets were very grey and I wanted to show lots of the wood. To get this finish begin by giving all the pallet strips a quick sanding with 80 grit paper to remove any slivers.

Even using the simiple clear natural stain, it made the texture of the wood stand out, I wish I had a little darker stain to use on hand. But using up free leftovers is always a good plan on a rustic project.

Dip the very end of your paint brush into the paint. Lightly wipe most of the paint off onto a rag. Then apply the paint to your wood with a very LIGHT touch. Just paint the wood wherever you like making sure to leave lots of the wood showing. I only have two suggestions, place more paint on one board, then less paint on the next one making the tree look rustic and weathered.

Pretty DIY Home is where I share all my home decor DIY ideas, crafts on a budget, outdoor projects including scrap wood projects, posts for dogs, and the occasional recipe. My goal is to have a happy and pretty home and to share ideas for your home as well.

If you have ever toyed with the idea of building your own coffee table using wooden pallets, this is the perfect starter project. This easy DIY shows you how to make a DIY Pallet Coffee Table the easy way, even if this is your first time making pallet furniture.

Not only did I want the look of a rustic pallet coffee table but due to the way my living room is set up, I also needed it to be a low coffee table. So I sifted through a bunch of pallets and selected the one that was best to create my own unique style.

You can use any kind you want but I like the wood pallets with a flat surface on top. Not only does it have an attractive look, but it also offers a very nice surface for playing cards or doing puzzles.

I really love how it turned out and plan on experimenting with pallet projects more in the future. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for some more of my favorite do it yourself furniture projects on the site. 041b061a72


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