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Ao Haru Ride Episode 8

The title consisted of individual readings for the characters used for the word "youth" (青春, seishun), which were "blue" (青, ao) and "spring" (春, haru).[11] The phrase was then followed by the word "ride" because Sakisaka envisioned the image of "riding on youth."[11] Sakisaka had decided to have the title read "Aoharide" instead of "Ao Haru Ride" because the sounds flowed better.[11] The logo was designed by Yasuhisa Kawatani.[12] The bottom of the original Japanese logo contained the English text, "The scent of air after the rain. I heard your pulse. I saw the light." Kawatani drew inspiration from the song "I Saw the Light" by Todd Rundgren while designing the logo.[13] In Viz Media's English translation, the subtitle was reworded into, "The scent of air after the rain... In the light around us, I felt your heartbeat."[14]

Ao Haru Ride Episode 8

Shuko's side story, "Ao Haru Ride: The Affinity of the Stars", was serialized in the September 2011 issue of Bessatsu Margaret Sister, and was later compiled in volume 4. "Sono Omokage o Shitteru", Sakisaka's first original short story in six years, was serialized in the July 2013 issue of Bessatsu Margaret and later compiled into volume 8.[18] A drama CD was bundled with the limited edition of volume 10 to promote the anime's then-upcoming release, starring the anime cast and featuring an original scenario written by Sakisaka.[4] The limited editions of volume 11 and 12 were bundled with original anime DVDs containing unaired episodes of the anime series.[19][16]

The anime series later premiered in Japan on 7 July 2014, with weekly broadcasts at 12 AM on Tokyo MX.[52][53] The opening theme for the series is "Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru", a collaboration song between Vocaloid producers CHiCO and HoneyWorks, while the ending theme is "Blue" by Fujifabric. In addition, the insert song "I Will" was performed by Chelsy.[54] Episode 0 was released as an original anime DVD bundled with the limited edition of volume 11 of the manga.[19] A second original anime DVD containing episode 14 was bundled with the limited edition of volume 12 of the manga.[16] Sentai Filmworks licensed the series in English under the title Blue Spring Ride,[55] and the series was streamed on Crunchyroll.[56] Several exclusive comics drawn by Sakisaka were also released in the limited editions of the anime's home releases in Japan.[57]

Yeah, the Bechdel Test. My bad! But for the history pass in the test, at least 2 female characters with names must have a conversation about something other than boys/men. Ao Haru Ride passes in the test in episode 2 when Futaba talks to Yuri about the reason for her having the lunch outside in the winter. 041b061a72


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