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the following plot summarizes the results for the performance of the three types of beamsplitters. from this data the plate beamsplitter is ideal for low power applications where low insertion loss and low angle dependency are important. the cube beamsplitter shows poor power throughput and a large angle of incidence dependency. from this data the plate beamsplitter is ideal for high power applications.

bandwidth splitter 1.38


we present laboratory measurements of the polarization angle, split ratio, and total throughput power of a beam transmitted through thorlabs plate, cube, and pellicle beamsplitters. while all non-polarizing beamsplitters function similarly, the exact performance is different for different types of beamsplitter. each type of beamsplitter contains its own advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of beamsplitters. appropriate choice of beamsplitter is essential to sensitive experimental systems. we present a complete analysis and comparison of optical parameters for three common types of non-polarizing beamsplitters.

the sp12856 is an octave band wilkinson microwave 8 way sma power divider-splitter that covers the frequency range of 6.0-16.0 ghz. a wilkinson power divider-combiner will divide a signal or combine eight signals with a nominal-theoretical loss of 9.03 db and isolation provided between output ports. the rf power divider can also be used as sma coaxial power combiner under certain conditions. this rf coaxial sma power divider-splitter has a 50 ohm nominal impedance and a maximum input power of 30 watts as a divider with termination loads of 1.


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