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Essential Anatomy 3 for Windows: How to Install and Use the App

With many of today's crypto systems, the key length, in bits, is probably the first thing you learn about the system. For example, SSL/TLS uses a key length of 256 bits to encrypt the secret symmetric key. Each block in SSL/TLS uses a cryptographic function and then symmetrizes the key according to the selected cipher. The cipher then encrypts the block using the symmetrized key and finally the result is applied to the message data. To decrypt, it is essentially the same process in reverse. If you've read this far, you already know that. It's probably safe to assume that you also know the basics of symmetric key crypto, including both modes of operation.

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Cryptography is an essential part of the future of the Internet because it provides the security necessary for widespread use. Secure email, for example, is too important to its users and to the development of society to be left to some amateurs without proper research and development. The DES is, without doubt, obsolete; however, the cryptanalysts of the National Security Agency never completed the task of breaking the DES and no one else has since been able to do so. It is now, for all intents and purposes, unbreakable. And, without a mathematical description of DES, it will remain so for a very long time to come. In addition, DES is so well-implemented that cryptanalysis of its algorithm is difficult because the candidates for possible plaintext are extremely restricted. So, the people of the DES cracking project have won a deep and comprehensive victory over all other groups. The next logical step is to put the DES to use for new cryptographic protocols because, in fact, not all crypto algorithms are designed to be broken by cryptanalysis. But the DES still is the cryptographic standard for digital communications because it is a standard that is proven. And, as long as the DES stays unbroken, the DES cracking project will have established a track record that will satisfy the NSA. And, from an ethical perspective, there is no doubt that it is right and proper to add security with cryptography because society rests on cryptography!


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