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Fitbit’s Alta HR Out In April, Enhanced Sleep Tracking Incoming

It is no secret that one of the best ways to measure personal success in fitness is through tracking; before, fitness enthusiasts and health buffs (including myself) would record progress the good ol' fashioned way by either writing on a journal or logging in updates onto a mobile app. But with the outdated method of notebooks and the fact that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, not to mention there's the human factor of forgetfulness, how do you track your fitness progress effectively and efficiently? I think this need for efficient tracking gave rise to wearables.Wearables Technology is a fairly new technology and a rising one, and one of its biggest entry points is the industry of fitness and health. As more and more people are becoming health- conscious and sophisticated with their choice of technology, I believe Wearables will become the new frontier in health monitoring; the future of Wearables is indeed looking healthy.Fitbit is one of the leading wearable device brands in the world and I recently received Fitbit Alta HR. I've been using it for nearly a month with all honesty, I could say that this is what made me love tracking my fitness progress again, plus the Sleep Monitoring feature is legit!Fitbit Alta HR was released sometime in 2017. It is a stylish, fitness tracker with built- in Heart Sensor, Sleep Tracking technology, and improved straps. It can also flash messages and calls, alerts you for incoming messages and calls, and functions as a watch too. Touch screen technology allows you to shuffle through messages, time, distance, heart rate, and the built- in watch.Fitbit Alta HR is a new and improved version of its predecessor, Fitbit Alta. I have not tried nor seen the latter so I cannot make a legitimate comparison, but from what I have read, the key differences between the two are Fitbit Alta HR has better straps that are more secure and interchangeable, features the new Heart Rate sensor, and has the Sleep Tracking feature compared to Fitbit Alta. Few differences, around P2,000 in price difference compared to the first Alta, but the inclusion of a Heart Rate sensor and Sleep Tracking feature makes a whole world of difference, a world of more detailed fitness tracking and information on sleep that can help you sleep better; these negate the price difference for me!So what's inside the box? It's a compact, neat box; it's got none of the excessive, wasteful packaging elements that contribute to more trash in the world, which I like.Inside, you get the following:2 manuals + manual sleeveFitbit Alta HRChargerHere's a quick run through of the device set- up.First, charge Fitbit Alta HR. While waiting, download the Fitbit app. The app won't start if your device isn't fully charged. Both the device and app have to be live together to activate each other, at least during the setting up stage.Once it's fully charged, proceed with the set- up. You will be sent a code via Fitbit Alta HR to verify your tracker.Wait for both to sync. It takes about 4-6 minutes to complete the set- up.Now let's get physical! :DFitbit is a comprehensive fitness tracker that lets you set fitness goals, track steps, monitor heart rate, record sleep, water intake, calories, activity, exercise, connects you with friends, and offers handy challenges to spice up your fitness routine. Although I can't say that it's the be all and end all of fitness trackers, Fitbit and Fitbit Alta HR has pretty much covered the most tracked aspects in general health and fitness.Now onto my favorite features of Fitbit and Fitbit Alta HR: Fitbit Alta HR basically tracks the important aspects of walking like steps and distance, but it also measures calories lost due to the activity, something that I did not see in some fitness tracking apps. Also, if you hit your pre-set steps goal, you'll get a virtual Fitbit badge. I recently got a Boat shoe award!Fitbit Alta HR tracks Active Minutes; it tells you how long you've been active and your most active days. Something cool to know to help you with consistency. One feature that I love the most about Fitbit and Fitbit Alta HR is that it shows you the exact calories burned every 15 minutes, thanks to the Heart Sensor; this tells me how much calories I burn whenever I work out, which in turn helps me log an accurate value for my calorie expenditure for the day. This feature makes up for the lack of accurate calorie burn monitoring for specialized workouts like Crossfit within the app.Fitbit Alta HR measures not only total calories, but percentage of calories from macronutrients. This is important dietary information, especially if you're cutting or bulking.Now another most favorite feature of mine of Fitbit Alta HR: Sleep Tracking! This feature measures the various sleep stages you are on depending on the hour. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this, but when I have put it to test one day, its completed results read that I woke up at 2:38 P.M. and was between awake and asleep by 10am. Holy guacamole, IT WAS ACCURATE.Sleep Tracking tracks information that you can't track, but can be very helpful in analyzing your sleeping patterns and the influences, which will help improve your sleeping habits. This device is pro- sleep because it lets you set a sleeping time and wake up notice.WHAT I LOVE ABOUT FITBIT ALTA HR:1. Sleek and stylish.2. Intuitive, curved screen doesn't strain my wrist.3. Heart Rate sensor allows the device to track much more accurately.4. Water resistant.5. Very easy to set- up even for the technology-averse.6. Has a sleeping time notice feature that vibrates to remind you to sleep at your pre- set time.7. Has a wakeup notice feature that wakes you up gently with vibration.8. Non- obtrusive design, making it okay to wear in any kind of workout.9. Seriously solid battery time (up to 5 days!).10. Silicon strap is very easy to clean.11. Overall, it's a comprehensive fitness tracking device.WHAT I DON'T LOVE ABOUT FITBIT ALTA HR:1. Silicon strap feels a bit 'warm' on the skin and my wrist sweats excessively when I have it on while working out.2. Not really the device, but the app: it does not measure calorie expenditure accurately for specialized workouts such as Crossfit, Pole Dancing, or Calisthenics.3. Majority of the tracking is done on your mobile phone through the app. Screen does not offer a lot in terms of showing an overview of your tracking.I've read a lot of articles saying that Fitbit Alta HR isn't really for the fitness enthusiast due to the limitations posed by the orientation and size of the screen. I think this is a case to case basis. There are work outs that allow you to check your wearable every now and then to show you blow-by-blow updates and there are some where there's no need for this at all just because the circumstances don't allow you to like Crossfit. If you want to get more out of your screen, go for another Fitbit model. If you just want plain monitoring (which I need), Fitbit Alta HR will suit you. Plus I like the sleek look of it; it goes well even with my work outfit.Overall, I like Fitbit Alta HR mainly because of the Sleep Tracking feature and blow-by-blow tracking of my calorie expenditure, plus the fact that it's sleek and light. I recommend Fitbit Alta HR to you whether you're a fitness buff, even a mildly active person who only wants to consciously monitor their physical and food activity day in and day out, and most of all, if you want help on how you can strategize for better sleep!Fitbit Alta HR is available in Toby's Sports, Beyond The Box, Digital Walker, Runnr, Inbox, iLiberty, iCenter, Globe, Mobile1, Gadgets In Style, and Lazada Philippines.Visit FITBIT PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about Fitbit Alta HR.Have you tried Fitbit already? Share what you love about it!

Fitbit’s Alta HR out in April, enhanced sleep tracking incoming

Fitbit also announced a Sleep Score beta that will provide a nightly score of your overall sleep quality and said it would be available in late 2018 to trackers with advanced heart rate tracking like the Charge 3. The Alta HR is not considered to have this enhanced heart rate tracking so it will not get this feature.

They did announce enhanced heart rate technology that can better measure resting heart rate, but it is yet to be determined if this is actually the case, and if it has any effect on sleep tracking accuracy.

The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with watchOS 8 pre-installed. watchOS 8 features a raft of new features and improvements, including enhanced sleep tracking, new workouts (including Pilates and Tai Chi), support for Fall Detection on bikes, improved e-Bike metrics, Siri-powered voice feedback during exercise and more. 350c69d7ab


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