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Watch Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Online: A Fun-Filled Hindi Movie with a Twist

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai: A Romantic Comedy That Will Make You Fall in Love

If you are looking for a fun and refreshing movie to watch with your loved one, you should check out Mumbai Delhi Mumbai, a Hindi romantic comedy that was released in 2014. This movie is about a Mumbai girl who goes to Delhi to meet a prospective groom for marriage, but ends up falling in love with a Delhi boy who helps her out of trouble. The movie is full of hilarious situations, witty dialogues, and adorable chemistry between the lead actors. Here is everything you need to know about Mumbai Delhi Mumbai, including what it is about, why you should watch it, and where you can watch it online.

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What is Mumbai Delhi Mumbai About?

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai is a remake of a Tamil movie called Chennai Express, which was also remade in Telugu as Hyderabad Love Story. The movie follows the journey of Pia (Piaa Bajpai), a bubbly and independent Mumbai girl who travels to Delhi to meet Goli (Shiv Pandit), a potential groom arranged by her parents. However, things go wrong when she loses her phone and the address of Goli's house on the way. She meets Goli at a railway station, but does not recognize him as her prospective groom. Goli, who is not interested in marrying Pia either, decides to help her find her way back to Mumbai. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and challenges, such as getting chased by goons, getting stuck in traffic jams, and getting lost in unfamiliar places. They also start to develop feelings for each other, despite their initial dislike and cultural differences.

The Plot

The movie begins with Pia boarding a train from Mumbai to Delhi. She is nervous and excited about meeting Goli for the first time. She calls her friend Ritu (Rohit Khurana) and tells him about her plans. Ritu warns her not to fall for Goli's charms and advises her to be careful in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Goli is also on his way to meet Pia at his house. He is not happy about the arranged marriage and wants to get rid of Pia as soon as possible. He calls his friend Bunty (Rohit Khurana) and tells him to make up some excuse to cancel the meeting.

Pia reaches Delhi and gets off the train. She tries to call Ritu but realizes that she has left her phone on the train. She also loses her bag that contains the address of Goli's house. She panics and asks some people for help. She meets Goli, who is also waiting for the same train to go back to Mumbai. He pretends to be a helpful stranger and offers to help her find her phone and bag. He also tells her that he knows a shortcut to Mumbai and convinces her to come with him.

Goli takes Pia to a car rental service and hires a car for their journey. He also calls Bunty and tells him to inform Pia's parents that she has met with an accident and is in the hospital. He hopes that this will make them cancel the marriage proposal.

Pia and Goli start their road trip to Mumbai. Along the way, they face many hilarious and dangerous situations, such as getting chased by a gang of goons who want to kidnap Pia, getting stuck in a traffic jam caused by a political rally, and getting lost in a forest where they encounter wild animals. They also bicker and argue about everything, from their food preferences to their lifestyles. Pia criticizes Goli for being rude, arrogant, and irresponsible, while Goli mocks Pia for being naive, spoiled, and superficial.

However, as they spend more time together, they also discover each other's positive qualities and hidden talents. Pia learns that Goli is a talented singer and musician who dreams of becoming a rock star. Goli learns that Pia is a smart and creative fashion designer who has her own boutique in Mumbai. They also share their personal stories and secrets, such as their family backgrounds, their past relationships, and their fears and hopes for the future.

Gradually, they develop a mutual respect and attraction for each other. They realize that they have more in common than they thought. They also realize that they are falling in love with each other, but they are afraid to admit it.

The Cast

The movie features the following actors in the main roles:



Piaa Bajpai


Shiv Pandit


Rohit Khurana



Pia's father

Akash Khurana

Goli's father

Naresh Gosain

Goon leader

Shishir Sharma

Police officer

Kaushik Ghatak

Cameo appearance as himself

Satyadeep Mishra

Cameo appearance as himself



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