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Beau Wright
Beau Wright

The Ambientalist - Storm Inside

Hundreds of environmental activists wearing white overalls stormed an area holding private jets at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and stopped aircraft from leaving for hours by sitting in front of their wheels Saturday.

The Ambientalist - Storm Inside

Really? How are you going to do that? Since these people know nothing about energy or engineering, they don't know anything about anything. So, their solutions are not likely to improve life here. Their new idea is to reduce so-called commuting miles through, and we're quoting now, "an increase in remote work and virtual engagements." In other words, they want you to stay inside your house and not have physical contact with other people, and while you're stuck inside your house in the name of protecting the environment, don't even think about using your gas stove or your fireplace or your woodstove or heating the place.

The crash occurred as a massive coast-to-coast storm descended on the U.S., bringing strong winds and blizzard conditions to states across the northern plains and great lakes. The National Weather Service said ahead of the crash that the area would likely experience wind gusts in excess of 40 knots (46 mph). 041b061a72


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