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Beau Wright

Windows Xp Eternity V2 Sp3 __EXCLUSIVE__

Well, now I've installed windowsupdateagent30-x86 and that got me to where I can now browse a list of needed updates, but when I go to install updates I get the same generic error message, but with error number 0x80070715

windows xp eternity v2 sp3

I have recently started to use WebMatrix. Built a few experimental sites and everything was going fairly well. Then I decided to give WebMatrix 2 RC a try. Used WebPI to download and install it, which took an eternity (something like 2-3 hours), but finished eventually. Running WebMatrix 2, I started a new site based on the template Personal Site. Before making any changes to the site, I tried to run it. Then, I got this message:

Also that already connected devices are just dead for eternity, is not really acceptable solution. Because if connect remotely.. I have 2 machines with same error - for one remote connection is working, its not really fixing it, im still without PS/2 even when i try to redetect input devices there are here, but something is broken so they are ignored.

When monster turns to tomato sauce from explosion, its animation looks slightly faster than in Choco to me. Bodies fall off platforms and goes through windows more often. I'm not sure about AI, but gameplay feels some different... Maybe i got high from playing Doom lol? Before Eternity i played with Choco all the time.


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