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Window Glass Design 5 Serial Number _TOP_

i had a windshield replaced several years ago, and it was obviously not the same quality as oem. i'd go with an aftermarket company if you don't want to have to pay an inflated price for high-end lexus or bmw glass.

Window Glass Design 5 Serial Number

some auto glass installations will be subject to a recall under the law to repair vehicles that have unsafe conditions. sometimes these recalls are for a specific model or for a specific vehicle model within a model year. other times the recall is for all vehicles of a certain model or model year and can be applied to a wider range of vehicles. as with any recall, owners of these vehicles may be required to repair their vehicle at no charge to them, or if the repairs are too expensive, they may be compensated by the auto glass installation company. if a recall occurs, the owner of the vehicle will receive a recall letter through the mail, and they may be given a phone number or website to check to see if their vehicle is affected.

not all windshields come with a warranty. some windshields are sold with a limited manufacturers warranty, which protects the windshield against warping, breakage, and certain types of damage, but not against breakage or bulging caused by an impact (most are covered against this). most windshields sold with a manufacturers warranty are also sold with a labor warranty, which protects the windshield against breakage or bulging caused by impact or from being installed improperly. if your auto glass installer has his own auto glass warranty (which is becoming more and more common, and can be quite expensive), he may require you to sign a contract indicating that you agree to those terms.


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