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From Chicken Feet To Swan Boats: Birthday Fun In New York And Boston

With the portal gone, Emma and Regina acquiesce to Robin's demands and hand over their jewelry to him before he takes off as Henry and some knights approach in search of Regina. The women hide long enough for Henry to leave and soon set out to find Pinocchio, who agrees to carve a new magic wardrobe to help them go home. After Regina disappears to find Robin, Emma goes with Pinocchio to the enchanted grove to extract the wood. Pinocchio shows her the tool he'll be using, his father's magic chisel, while Emma tells him about her destiny as the Savior to die in the future. An aged Hook attempts to "rescue" Emma, as there is a reward for whoever returns her to her family, but Emma knocks him out and teleports him away. The chisel, now broken after Hook dropped it, causes Pinocchio to give up the mission, out of doubt that he can live up to his father's name. As Emma attempts to chip away wood using a regular chisel, she finds Pinocchio's birthday gift to her: a wooden swan. Upon learning his reasons for carving a swan, Emma realizes August was the boy from many years ago who advised her on using belief to change her own fate. She uses the same advice to encourage Pinocchio into believing he is a master woodcarver, which helps him to infuse a chisel with magic by the power of belief. Regina returns with Robin once the wardrobe is done, and despite her fear of consequences if Robin comes with them, Emma convinces her to make her own fate. Emma and Regina arrive back to Storybrooke, but when Robin seemingly isn't there, Emma leaves to give Regina a moment alone. The grown-up Gideon, actually the cloaked figure in her vision, disarms Emma in a duel, with her arriving friends and family being frozen by Gideon. As Emma's hand tremor acts up, she stuns Gideon with a burst of magic and moves to kill him but stops when Mr. Gold begs for his son's life spared. After Gideon's escape, Emma reunites with her family, before talking to August about their past run-in. Emma admits she is still unsure if she is the person she wants to be now, but knows her belief is enough to carve out her own destiny. ("Tougher Than the Rest")

From Chicken Feet to Swan Boats: Birthday Fun in New York and Boston

#2 Richardson Farms:This family owned and operated farm and market in White Marsh has come a long way from their start in 1930. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., this farm which features 29,000 square feet of greenhouses has become a staple in Maryland agriculture! They serve fresh chicken and local poultry in their market and their greenhouse has wonderful options to brighten your space!


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