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Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez

Healthpointe 2 0 Program Comcast

eM Life offers interactive, live and on-demand, evidence-based mindfulness programs led by expert teachers to help create connections while building skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus and enhance overall well-being.

Healthpointe 2 0 Program Comcast

Wondr offers programs clinically proven for physical and mental health, including weight loss, stress management, and preventing and reversing chronic diseases. With Wondr, you can improve the whole health of your people and your organization.

We developed behavior change programs to teach you how to care for your physical and mental health, all while enjoying every single minute. We take care of the science, so you can be your healthiest and happiest.

ServiceNow provides information and the ability to ask questions to our Human Resources and Information Services teams. You can access information on our benefit plan offerings, service recognition program, how to make changes in Workday or technical support how-to's for our systems and software. Accessing ServiceNow from home can be done by downloading the VIP Access app and the ServiceNow Mobile app called Now Mobile.


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