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Google Docs Si Integra Con Gdrive

Hi - I want to send a new jot form to an existing spreadsheet that is shared with me on google drive. (I have full editor rights, but don't own the sheet) When I open google sheets integration - I don't see the form to pick. Does this mean I can't integrate with this sheet??

Google Docs si integra con Gdrive

Hi, When I have the google sheets integration-it populates with Easter time instead of Central time. The jotform shows Central time and my computer settings have a time zone of central time. Thoughts on steps to fix this--I am afraid the reminder emails sent out will have the incorrect time and be confusing for people.

from time to time the integration of Jotform with google sheet will be not working. I have to remove the integration and re-create the integration from Jotform to Google sheet manually again and again. Do we have any such mechanism that we can "push" manually using the existing integration so as the existing data from Jotform to google sheet?Thanks in advance

Hi, I am trying to integrate one of our forms for the first time to our google sheets and am going through each step recommended. When I hit the save button it doesn't give me a sheet link or update any sheets in our google account. It just brings me back to the window to start the process all over. It doesn't seem to be integrating at all. Please help! :)

I have integrated a google sheet w/ a jotform submission table. We have a HIPAA compliant account on both ends. After the integration, any new submissions create an empty row. Text is no longer visible from the jotform view.

I integrate my Jotform with google sheets. The form has a table. The table data appears in the Jotform submission but not in the google sheet. Are tables supported with the Jotform / google sheets integration?

Hi Jotform Team,I currently have a form with 2 tables where the end-user could populate with numbers - however the google sheet integration for the first table is buggy whereas the second table's results are fine. Any idea how I could fix this? Thanks.

When I first integrated my form to google sheets the registration payment amount was on it. But now the registration payment amount is not noted on the google sheet. What happened and how do I correct it?

After reading more in other comment strands here is more info that may be helpful:- My form link is:- I have made no changes to the form since it showed up in Google Docs automatically upon integration.- I set up a new gmail account specifically for this task so the integrated spreadsheet is the only sheet in my docs (ie the info is not getting dumped into a different sheet within my account).- I tested the form, twice, by pasting the link in a new tab, filling in the form and submitting itHope that helps!Sheila

Is it possible to choose which fields are integrated into google sheets? Basically my form will have around 500 fields and when mapped to google sheets the submissions will quickly eat up their 2 million cell quota.

There has been a constant bug with their google sheets integration throughout years. Has flagged it, but after 8 months of waiting on a promised fix, nothing happened.So I quit using their service, since they don't seem to take it very serious that people, would like to get data out of the jotform DB

Hi. I have been having a problem with my google sheet integrations recently. The data in the google sheet is only showing the first one or two submissions and not all f the data. An example of this is currently my "Capital BB Orders" form and google sheet. It has had two submissions but is only showing the data for one customer. I originally hid some columns in the sheet so it only showed the Customer Name, but even when I unhide these the sheet doesn't have all the info. I am having similar problems with my other form integrations. Can you please help me work out what I am doing wrong?

I have successfully integrated my form submissions to a google spreadsheet. The problem is that some of my responses are not showing up in the google sheet, specifically the matrix drop downs. I have confirmed that they are being filled out and are being recorded on the form submissions on jotform.

I integrated a jot form with a google doc but now I can find the google doc but can't find the jot form. I signed in to the jot account I knew about but I must have had a different one because the form isn't in there. Can you tell me how I might find it? Thanks!

One year ago I was integrating Alfresco with Google docs and as far as I remember the older Alfresco versions did not work correctly (Google has changed the API). I advise you to compile and manually fix Alfresco Google drive 076b4e4f54


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