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Ports Of Call Sim3dII - Download

the microsoft hololens is a personal holographic computer designed for experiences that aren't confined by the edges of a screen. you can interact with holograms and mixed-reality environments like never before. using hololens, you'll be able to drive an xr-3d car, look at an hd video stream in virtual space, and interact with holographic humans - all without touching a single thing. you can even share your experiences with family and friends.

ports of call 3d 16

are you headed to las vegas? then don't miss all the fun in the city of lights and thrill rides. with sls 3d, enter the 360 world and a whole new gaming experience. weve created a new world of entertainment built around vr, an immersive motion platform that illuminates your environment with ultra-realistic stereoscopic light, bringing life to everything you see, hear and touch. we also have mystic point 3d, the new 3d virtual reality gaming area on board.

galaxy nx, the worlds first powered by android, is now available at japanese electronics store yamada denki. the compact, smartphone-sized camera is a perfect for taking photos and recording movies. it also comes with a built-in lens of 34-106mm, giving the user a variety of creative shooting options in low-light conditions. galaxy nx offers a new engine for superior quality photos and hd video capture, along with wide-viewing angle lens and an innovative compact form. it also features innovative photo features such as art mode, a built-in pop-up flash, smart scene selection and face tracking.

for the first time, xbox one s is available in two distinct colors - black and white - making it a stunning and personal gift. xbox one s, with its powerful 4k ultra hd blu-ray player, is the only console that can play back 4k ultra hd video, so youll be able to watch the greatest games and videos in 4k with enhanced detail and clarity. with hdr and premium audio built into the platform, games and video come alive like never before.


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