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Read I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh (PDF) Online

I Too Had A Love Story: A Heartbreaking Novel by Ravinder Singh

If you are looking for a romantic novel that will make you cry, laugh, and feel, then you might want to check out I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh. This novel is based on a true story of love and loss that will touch your heart and soul. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what the novel is about, why it is popular, and what you can learn from it.

I Too Had A Love Story Ravinder Singh Zbook In.pdf

Introduction: What is the novel about and why is it popular?

I Too Had A Love Story is a debut novel by Ravinder Singh, an Indian author who wrote it as a tribute to his late girlfriend Khushi. The novel was published in 2008 and became an instant bestseller in India. It has sold over a million copies and has been translated into several languages.

The novel belongs to the genre of contemporary romance, which is a popular form of fiction in India. It tells the story of two young professionals who meet through a matrimonial site and fall in love. However, their love story ends tragically when Khushi meets with an accident and dies before their wedding.

The novel appeals to a wide range of readers who enjoy realistic and emotional stories that reflect their own experiences and aspirations. The novel also resonates with many people who have faced similar situations or know someone who has. The novel has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike for its honesty, simplicity, and sincerity.

Summary: A brief overview of the plot and the main characters

The novel is narrated by Ravin, a software engineer who works in Bangalore. He is lonely and bored with his life until he decides to register on a matrimonial site with his friends. There he comes across Khushi, a customer service executive who works in Delhi. They start chatting online and soon develop a strong connection. They exchange phone numbers and talk for hours every day. They realize that they have a lot in common and are compatible with each other.

They decide to meet in person and arrange a trip to Bhubaneswar, where Khushi's parents live. They have a wonderful time together and fall in love. They introduce each other to their families and friends and get their approval for their marriage. They are happy and excited about their future and start making plans for their wedding.

However, fate has other plans for them. A few days before their wedding, Khushi goes to Delhi for some work. On her way back, she meets with a terrible car accident and suffers severe injuries. She is taken to the hospital, where she slips into a coma. Ravin rushes to Delhi and stays by her side, hoping and praying for her recovery. But his hopes are shattered when the doctors declare that Khushi is brain dead and there is no chance of her survival. Ravin is devastated and heartbroken. He has to make the difficult decision of letting her go. He bids her a final goodbye and returns to his life, which is now empty and meaningless without her.

Analysis: A deeper look into the themes, messages, and emotions of the novel

I Too Had A Love Story is not just a simple love story. It is also a profound exploration of some of the universal themes, messages, and emotions that human beings experience in their lives. Some of these are:

Love and loss

The novel portrays the beauty and pain of love in a realistic and touching way. It shows how love can transform a person's life and make it more meaningful and joyful. It also shows how love can be fragile and unpredictable, and how it can be snatched away by fate in an instant. The novel depicts the grief and anguish of losing a loved one, and how it can affect a person's mental and emotional health. It also shows how love can be eternal and transcendent, and how it can inspire a person to cope with loss and move on with life.

Fate and destiny

The novel explores the role of fate and destiny in human lives. It raises questions such as: Do we have any control over our lives? Are our lives predetermined by some higher power? Can we change our destiny by our actions? The novel suggests that fate and destiny are mysterious and unpredictable forces that can bring people together or tear them apart. It also suggests that fate and destiny are not always fair or logical, and that they can sometimes be cruel or ironic. The novel implies that fate and destiny are beyond our understanding or comprehension, and that we have to accept them as they are.

Reality and fiction

The novel blurs the lines between reality and fiction in an interesting way. It is based on a true story, but it is also a work of fiction. It uses fictional elements such as dialogue, narration, description, and structure to tell a real story. It also uses real elements such as names, places, events, and details to create a fictional story. The novel challenges the readers to question what is real and what is not, what is fact and what is fiction, what is truth and what is imagination.

Conclusion: A final evaluation of the novel and its impact on the readers

I Too Had A Love Story is a novel that has many strengths and weaknesses as a literary work. Some of the pros are:

  • It is an honest, simple, and sincere account of a real love story that will touch anyone who reads it.

  • It is an engaging, emotional, and relatable story that will keep the readers hooked till the end.

  • It is a well-written, well-structured, and well-edited story that flows smoothly and clearly.

  • It is a unique, original, and refreshing story that stands out from the crowd of clichéd romance novels.

Some of the cons are:

  • It is a predictable, repetitive, and melodramatic story that will bore some readers who prefer more twists, surprises, or humor.

  • It is a biased, subjective, and one-sided story that will annoy some readers who prefer more balance, objectivity, or perspective.

  • It is a sentimental, cheesy, and unrealistic story that will irritate some readers who prefer more realism, logic, or rationality.

  • It is a flawed, imperfect, and incomplete story that will disappoint some readers who expect more depth, complexity, or resolution.

The novel has made them cry, laugh, feel, and think. It has inspired them to cherish their loved ones and live their lives to the fullest. It has also motivated them to express their feelings and share their stories with others. The novel has become a part of their lives and memories.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the novel:

  • Is I Too Had A Love Story a true story?

Yes, it is a true story. The novel is based on the author's own experience of losing his girlfriend Khushi in a car accident. The author has used his real name and details in the novel.

  • How did Ravinder Singh write the novel?

Ravinder Singh wrote the novel as a way of coping with his grief and honoring his love for Khushi. He wrote the novel in his spare time while working as a software engineer. He did not have any formal training or experience in writing. He wrote the novel with his heart and emotions.

  • What is the meaning of the title I Too Had A Love Story?

The title I Too Had A Love Story implies that the author is not the only one who has experienced love and loss. It suggests that there are many people who have had similar or different love stories in their lives. It also implies that the author's love story is over, but he still remembers it and cherishes it.

  • What are some of the other books by Ravinder Singh?

Ravinder Singh has written several other books after I Too Had A Love Story. Some of them are: Can Love Happen Twice?, Like It Happened Yesterday, Your Dreams Are Mine Now, This Love That Feels Right, Will You Still Love Me?, and The Belated Bachelor Party.

  • Where can I read or download I Too Had A Love Story Ravinder Singh Zbook In.pdf?

You can read or download I Too Had A Love Story Ravinder Singh Zbook In.pdf from various online sources such as Google Drive, , or other websites that offer free ebooks. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of these sources. You should also respect the author's rights and efforts by buying his books from authorized sellers or platforms.



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