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[S4E2] Two Can Play This Game

Yet another stellar episode of Fear The Walking Dead this week. For whatever reason, this show continues to be so much more interesting and well made than The Walking Dead. The intro with the music playing as everyone wakes up is a great touch. The surprise twist with Charlie being a spy/saboteur for the Vultures. The Vultures themselves with their lawn chairs and beer. The very cool baseball stadium turned fortress. It all adds up to create an immersive post-apocalyptic world that feels, if not real necessarily, at least well-conceived. (Realistically, none of these big vans and trucks would have gas, but we're going to just accept that this is a fantasy and not worry too much about it.)

[S4E2] Two Can Play This Game

Audiences then see Hopper as he is transported to a cold prison so he can be turned into a cog for the Motherland. As this happens, sporadic clips show Joyce and Murray replaying the tape they took of their call with Enzo.

This week's ending, of course, dropped the curtain on how Season 4, despite being a decade away from the Westworld massacre, will circle back and give us theme park antics. The Golden Age, revealed to both Caleb and Maeve (on a train complete with Lili Simmons' returning "Clementine 2"), seems to be a Roaring '20s playground, no doubt hiding nefarious intentions. What could be lurking beneath the fun here, behind the choice between white and black fedoras? Let's sift through Charlotte's wicked game a bit, and also pull Christina's story into the mix.

How does this connect to Christina? Well, she writes stories for NPCs and a paranoid guy just tracked her down (though now it seems he died a while back -- a game loop?) and accused her of controlling his entire life. Seeing as how we're in a show that loves to play around with time, it could be that Christina's story is taking place years after the Caleb and Maeve drama, in a future where people are already being "Free Guy'd" around life, like game characters. Is it the Sublime? The twist here though, right now, which seems to fly in the face of Charlotte's plan, is that it's still a secret and only a few can see through this Matrix (and can "hear the music" from "the Tower"). There's little doubt that these two stories -- the only two stories for the first two episodes -- are connected, but the specifics still need to be learned.

Furious at being publicly shamed, Willy punches Aasim in the stomach. Everyone stands shocked, most of all Willy, who quickly realizes what he had done before running back into the dorms. Aasim says that he is fine before limping over to sit down in front of the firepit. Violet sullenly states that the students would kill each other long before the raiders ever arrived. The children all follow Aasim and join him, Louis deciding to play another card game to break the tension that had been building. Louis jokingly asks if Aasim wanted to invite Ruby to play with them, insinuating that Aasim had a crush on her.

Louis decides to play "Truth or Dare" with Clementine, Aasim, Violet and Tennessee. During the first round of the game, Violet asks Clementine to pick who she would "flip, marry [and] kill" among Ruby, Aasim and James. Louis and Violet pick apart Clementine's answers to the amusement of the other students, finally bringing some laughter back among them. During the second round of the game, Clementine is able to provide a dare to Aasim to either kiss one of the severed walker heads or ask Ruby for a kiss, the latter of which resulting in Ruby smacking Aasim across the face. The others share a hearty laugh at Aasim's embarrassment as he completes his dare.

If Clementine refuses to play, AJ surprises her by saying that she would not always be there to deny him before quickly apologizing. If she agrees to play and wins two out of three games, AJ sullenly agrees to stop asking for the chance to kill Abel. If she agrees to play and loses two out of three games, AJ gleefully dances and promises not to go out of his way to kill Abel, disturbing Clementine. Returning to his lookout duties, AJ spots something in the distance. Handing the binoculars to Clementine, he shows her what he sees: a group of people sneaking through the woods with a caravan of horses. Clementine and AJ rush from the tower to warn the others.

A Bug In The System hits Guild Wars 2 on March 6th, and anyone logging in between then and whenever episode 3 launches will find it permanently added to their account, free. You'll of course need Path of Fire, the game's latest expansion to access it. Guild Wars 2 itself, however, remains free to play.

Once you exit the building and your game loads up again, you'll be outside the greenhouse with Mitch and Ruby. At this point, you'll want to be safe and exit your game and make a duplicate of your "MAIN" save, then continue on with your "MAIN" save. It's not 100% necessary, but there's some missable achievements in this section, and a couple are known to be glitchy, so we're just being extra careful to avoid replaying the whole episode.

Talk to a couple more people, and eventually Violet will come outside ("Check in With Violet"). Talk to her, and this will lead you to playing another card game with everyone. Choose whatever options you'd like during the game, which lasts several minutes.

After the game is over, you'll have to make a choice to follow Violet or Louis. You can pick whoever you'd like. After you've made your choice and your game loads up again, quit out to the menu. Make a copy of your "MAIN" save and paste it. Rename the pasted copy to "FRIEND". There's two achievements during this section, and going for one will void the other, so we'll be doing another play-through of this section.

You will climb up a bell tower together, and eventually you'll play a game where you have three rounds of connecting the dots of constellations (fish, knife, bird) and guessing who in your group they resemble. Pick whoever you'd like, although it's easy to guess the right answer. 041b061a72


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